Denise Kehoe, Co-Founder :

'Hiya I'm a local sicko artist bringing some Irish flavour. I like carrotsticks, poached eggs and Soreen (Which I just discovered, why isn't that more popular?) I also like Mike Leigh films, Photoshop, Drag queens and DIY art cultures pls. Hate Tories, the cold, Jeff Bezos and fruit flies.'

Instagram - @denisekehoe1

El B copy.jpg

Ellie Breeze, Co-Founder :

'Ellie here! Outside of the art bizness you’ll find me drinking at my favourite watering hole Calverley’s, watching Peep Show, or in the bath. Unpopular opinion - I think anchovies are the tastiest.'

Instagram - @eleanor.breeze


Edina Horvathova :

Edina runs on biofuel called coffee, sniffs old books like Rory Gilmore and disagrees with you most of the time.

Instagram - @edi.h_

Alex R.jpg

Alex Roca :

Alex co-founded Mango Disco, an organisation aiming to connect communities through global rhythms. Alex has ambitions to organise the first ever Motion Sickness Festival! Muy bueno. Muy motion.

Instagram - @mangodiscoglobal

Yas R.jpg

Yas Rix :

Yas is a p/t artistic collaborator/curator specialising in communicating existential risk. Passionate about artist-led spaces in the UK and securing partners for projects. Currently maintains a healthy obsession for formula 1, female stand up comedy and Uber Eats.

Instagram - @vimmin212

sid t.jpg

Sid White-Jones :

Sid White-Jones is a photographic artist interested in memory and perception. His practice focuses on the ever-shifting contemporary classification of the photographic form and aims to challenge traditional methods of communication by presenting a more mutable style of artistic expression, one which considers what photography can or cannot exist as.

Instagram - @sidwhitejones

Alex t.jpg

Alex Ting :

Alex is originally from Boston but has spent the last few years living abroad in Kyoto and now here in Cambridge. She recently completed a master's degree in arts, creativity, and education, during which she researched the pragmatic, world-shaping effects of our everyday aesthetic experiences. Basically, Alex thinks that art (and food) are powerful mediums for positive social and environmental change! Some of her other interests include public bathing cultures, cooking for people, yoga, and reading.

Instagram - @o0mami


Matthew Challenger :

Matthew is a Multi disciplinary artist and graphic designer working under the monika of vts.euromaster. He is one half of the creative studio Fresh Fruit.

Instagram - @vts.euromaster

liz g.jpg

Liz Mills :

Liz likes drawing lines, making cracks in ceramics, eating dry crackers, sunshine and bald cats. Liz dislikes drawing lines, making the wrong type of cracks in ceramics, cheese on crackers and bald dogs.

Instagram - @lizmillsart