'Stand up for Work' 

31st May - 24th Jun 2021

© Liz Mills.

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Things are heating up at the Project Space, courtesy of VTS. Euromaster’s residency! The artist will be spending the next 2 months producing fresh work here in the project space. You’ll be able to join him in the space to see his work progressing from June onwards. Stay tuned into our instagram, where over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to the man behind the moniker! Don’t forget we’ll also be finishing off the residency with a cheeky little exhibition preview party on the 24th June. Interested? Then you can catch a free ticket on EventBrite!


'The Cambridge Wide Open'

06th Mar - 22nd Mar 2020

© Oscar Hart.


The Cambridge Wide Open showcases the work of over 40 Cambridgeshire-based artists. Visitors to the exhibition can expect to enjoy a wide variety of art, including sculpture, photography, video and painting, all in a relaxed social setting. Everyone included in the exhibition initially responded to an open call for artists to submit work, from the local collective Motion Sickness who run the gallery space.


'The Art of Watching Art'

14th Jan - 26th Jan 2020

© Adrian Novac 'At Mirror's Edge'.


The Art of Watching Art is a group exhibition showcasing a broad range of artworks from artists involved in the invigilation of previous exhibitions in the project space since August 2019. The exhibition brings to the fore the ‘unsung heroes’ of the art world, the ‘art watchers’. In a museum or gallery these ‘art watchers’ are usually guards or paid staff, but at the Motion Sickness Project Space they are volunteers. The theme for the exhibition is based on the social media trend of ‘watching the watchers’. 


'Into the Red Corner'

12th Dec 2019

© Irving Pascal 'Into the Red Corner'.


Into the Red corner is a brand new work which draws on artist Irving Pascal’s background as a professional boxer as well as philosophers such as Plato. Pascal explores the position of the black masculine body in the post-colonial world, through mediums such as painting and performance. The artist states, ‘For this performance I’m interested in using the body as a medium to navigate between space and time to form dialogues between place and history.”


'Here and How?'

22nd Nov - 08th Dec 2019

© MSR_FCJ 'Change in the Chew'.

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HERE AND HOW? is a show that focuses on HERE but it’s more about the HOW? really. It is show that begs the question “but how the hell did this happen?” In another classic year that has seen an increase in fragmentation, instability, deception, hopelessness, and a general sense of impending doom, we are left a little unsure of ourselves and the spaces around us. HERE AND HOW? is a group exhibition that explores the ‘what is hot’ and ‘what is not’ in psychologically testing and emotionally draining perks of our current realities.


'This Changes Everything'

09th Nov - 15th Nov 2019

© Oscar Hart.

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This Changes Everything is a group exhibition by BA and MA Fine Art students at Cambridge School of Art. The Exhibition includes works of Fine Art, Moving Image & Sculpture. Whilst This Changes Everything has no fixed theme, many of the pieces respond to the City of Cambridge by expressing contrasting themes of heartlessness and compassion.


'Moods & Noods'

18th Oct - 03th Nov 2019

© Corinne Seymour.


In Moods and Noods, PIN Collective bare all of their signature wit and youthful cheekiness in artworks that address topics such as consumerism, capitalism and commodity. Motivated by a discomfort with popular culture, the work speaks of a generation that is frustrated but also bound to these values. Each artist works individually but responds to the same themes, echoing the feelings of their generation across Britain.


'Motion Sickness & Friends' 

23nd Aug - 15 Sep 2019

© Arabella Hilfiker - ‘Intellectual Realism’.

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Motion Sickness & Friends will present a nod to 90’s pop culture nostalgia, examine the link between digital ethnography and our personal relationships, the conscience of our capitalist and materialistic behaviours, and our delayed childhoods vs. our desire to be kids again. Expect to see the concerns, questions and preoccupations of the so-called ‘Me me me generation’ of Cambridge in an exhibition of fun and bright multi-disciplinary practices.