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Published 20/05/2020

Issue 4 features a ton of new content spanning across East Anglia, including an interview with Norwich’s finest rag tag rockers WRECK, a huge 10-page artist feature from collage artist Jade-Ashleigh, a showcase of live music photography from Anabella Binks, and a plethora of reviews covering the best of local music. 

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Published 12/05/2020

'What the prospects are for artists starting to make their way in the art world and how do you navigate life after art school? Motion Sickness Co-Founder Ellie Breeze paints figuratively in oils and in this episode we discuss painting over old work, the need for persistence and how artists are often the last people to know what their own art work is really all about.'


Published 22/03/2020

'Ellie Breeze is one third of Motion Sickness, an artist collective based in

Cambridge. They have a gallery space in Lion Yard and regularly run arts events. She joins Liam & Ben to find out what alternate universes they could thrive in, what Olympic sport they could compete in and to discuss their favourite brushes.'

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Published 10/04/2020

Yasmin Rix reviews 'Here and How?' a recent exhibition held at The Motion Sickness Project Space.


'Motion Sickness is the birthchild of Cambridge Art grads Eleanor Breeze, Denise Kehoe and Arabella Hilfiker. Having secured Lion Yard shop premises in central Cambridge, the art collective has gone from strength to strength against the odds in establishment central. Recent years have seen the likes of Heong Gallery open in Downing College and more attention towards Kettle’s Yard with its renovation finally realised in 2018. When across the country, collectives have been pushing the boundaries of young emerging art, Cambridge has been left behind in a bubble of contemporary complacency.'

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Published 15/01/2020

Host Simon Bertin gets immersed in the Cambridge Arts Network 2020 Conference and encounters an epic children’s story teller in Jannina Vigus, Digital Artist Lee Mason demonstrating Digital Art tools, founders of portal Create Britain Richard Woods and Jeremy Aird, Creative Diversity Network’s Director Deborah Williams and Artists Eleanor Breeze and Denice Kehoe from Motion Sickness collective.

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Published 15/01/2020

'A Cambridge-based art collective has opened a new exhibition, The Art of Watching Art, at Lion Yard’s community-facing retail premises. Motion Sickness was formed in defiance of Cambridge’s “infertile art scene” by Denise Kehoe, Ellie Breeze and Arabella Hilfiker. The trio are exploring “a collaborative examination of their position as products of millennial ephemera” in artistic terms.'

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Published 28/10/2019

Eleanor Breeze and Denise Kehoe in conversation with Karl England, Director of Sluice. Full interview published in Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of Sluice magazine. 'Denise Kehoe, Eleanor Breeze and Arabella Hilfiker all run The Motion Sickness project space in central Cambridge. Recently Sluice sat down with two of them for a brief introduction to the project.' 

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Published 22/10/2019

Yasmin Rix reviews 'Moods and Noods' a recent exhibition held at The Motion Sickness Project Space.


'Moods and Noods' an exhibition by Pin_Collective, is at the new Motion Sickness Project space, in the unlikely location of Lion Yard. The uninspiring streets of cafes and shops, in fact, makes the gallery space appear inviting to those who love anything millennial, with flashes of pink and a gaudy, cereal-topped waffle (EJ Montgomery) as the window display.

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Published 30/08/2019

Hosts Julian & Lucy find out about Motion Sickness Project Space, a new art space artist-led gallery space located on Petty Cury from Ellie Breeze and Denise Kehoe.

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Published 29/08/2019

‘Exploring the ‘Me me me generation’, the first exhibition at the Motion Sickness Project Space has been launched in collaboration with Lion Yard shopping centre in Cambridge. The artist-led gallery space off Petty Cury is hosting a series of exhibitions celebrating emerging artists, and is led by local art collective Motion Sickness. The first display, Motion Sickness & Friends, runs until September 2.’

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Published 07/01/2019

Initiated by Cambridge School of Art graduates Denise Kehoe, Eleanor Breeze and Arabella Hilfiker, Motion Sickness are intent on forging a new path. Railing against societal pressures, the group aims “to explore and satirise society’s view of ‘millennialhood’”. STOCK Gallery’s Kieran Healy describes the collective’s output as “an idiosyncratic blend of sculpture, painting, video and drawing create[ing] narratives that are uniquely irreverent and completely mundane, marking them as a tour de force of Generation Y.” Worth keeping an eye on.

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Published 07/01/2019

'For their self-titled debut exhibition, Motion Sickness welcome you to the adult party, where the entry fee is £600 per calendar month plus bills, and you can cry if you want to. Entering through a cardboard castle in the sky, visitors will be swiftly brought back to earth by a gallery populated with Bears of Bad News, a binge-watching millennial and the severed head of an ex-boyfriend. Using mediums as disparate as textiles, video, painting, terracotta, and paper mache, the exhibition addresses the intersections and overlaps of each artist’s biographical experience.'

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