23rd Aug - 02nd Sep 2019


Motion Sickness Project Space’s inaugural exhibition is entitled Motion Sickness & Friends. Featuring five artists alongside the work of Motion Sickness, the exhibition features work from different corners of the Cambridge art scene. The squad comes from Wysing Arts Centre, Gallery 9, Cambridge Artworks, St. Barnabas Press and the Cambridge School of Art. Having joined forces to stick a fork in the toaster of the Cambridge Art scene, the group present you with an exhibition celebrating emerging millennial art. Finally - millennials have managed to secure a slice of Cambridge real estate! Well, at least their art has.


Expect to see the concerns, questions and preoccupations of the so-called ‘Me me me generation’ of Cambridge in an exhibition of fun and bright multi-disciplinary practices. Motion Sickness & Friends will present a nod to 90’s pop culture nostalgia, examine the link between digital ethnography and our personal relationships, the conscience of our capitalist and materialistic behaviours, and our delayed childhoods vs. our desire to be kids again.