14th Jan - 26th Jan 2020


Open from Tuesday 14th January 2020, The Art of Watching Art is a group exhibition showcasing a broad range of artworks from artists involved in the invigilation of previous exhibitions in the project space since August 2019.


The exhibition brings to the fore the ‘unsung heroes’ of the art world, the ‘art watchers’. In a museum or gallery these ‘art watchers’ are usually guards or paid staff, but at the Motion Sickness Project Space they are volunteers. The theme for the exhibition is based on the social media trend of ‘watching the watchers’. The art watcher has emerged as photo subgenre, but why? Maybe it’s because the photo offers a kind of window into the exclusive gallery space. An art watcher photo provides human context, helping you to decode size and form. It also helps with identification, the art watcher lends you her eyes and you can easily imagine seeing the art through them. They often become part of the artwork.


The curators of the exhibition hope that by highlighting the role of the art watcher it will provide visitors to the exhibition with an insight into the life of an artist.


Cambridge-based art collective, Motion Sickness, has opened its project space for 12 artists to exhibit their work. The Art of Watching Art is curated by Sarah Strachan and Stepanka Facerova, working as creative duo Itiswhatitis.