09th Nov - 15th Nov 2019


“Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us.” (Naomi Klein, 2014)


This Changes Everything is a group exhibition by BA and MA Fine Art students at Cambridge School of Art.


A tumultuous globalised world, in a continual state of flux, confronts artists with a myriad of influences affecting their creative vision: environment, technological, media-driven, political and multi-cultural. Responding to change by shifting or pivoting their practice, artists adopt ever more innovative uses of both old and new media. The multi-disciplinary work of these aspiring artists responds to the complexities of the current political discourse and the uncertain future outlined by Naomi Kleins seminal text of the same name.


Cambridge-based art collective, Motion Sickness, have opened their project space for 23 students from Anglia Ruskin University to host an offsite exhibition. This Changes Everything is curated by Sarah Strachan and Stepanka Facerova working as the creative duo ItIsWhatitIs.